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Application rules:

In order to apply for official gang status you must have a thread active for three weeks.

Your story/background must be your own original story, no copying from outside sources. Failure to follow this rule results in a ban from making gangs.

If you disband a gang you may not create another one for at least a week.

If a Gang Moderator has disbanded your gang this means that the old thread can not come back.

Basic Rules:

  • Avoiding cops is a number one priority for any realistic criminal organisation. Gangs must roleplay the fear correctly.
  • Gangs must do research on their roleplay beforehand, sticking to realistic stereotypes rather than unrealistic ''movie antics''. An example would be like, you wouldn't see a street gang gearing up to rob a bank as it's easier for them to hit something little like a 24/7 as they'll be out gunned to rob a bank and wouldn't get really far.
  • Family chat (/f) is completely OOC. We have a private radio script in-game and phones for a reason. (radio's are not encouraged to be used.)
  • When gangs have drive-by's with each other, the enemy gang cannot rob the injured parties and dead bodies. Realistically you would attempt to run. (Unless it was a robbable item that started the conflict).
  • When a gang has robbed a store there is a cooldown of 2 hours before robbing another one, this is to stop gangs from going around the city and robbing everything in sight.
  • Shootouts are to be roleplayed correctly.  No more movie style shootouts where two gangs sit there firing and chasing after each other for 15 minutes.  Realistically you fire on the other gang then get out of there.  Similar to a driveby.Shootouts also cannot happen in high traffic areas, such as police stations, or hospitals.  They should be in opposing gang's hoods or territories.
    Exceptions where you can shoot for longer would be if the shootout occurs inside an interior or house, or where two large gangs are already together and begin to shoot out.  However, gangs are to start running as soon as they can.
We also recommend with lower tier gangs, that shootouts are completely avoided, using brawls or perhaps the occasional driveby shooting are used.

Gang Relations:
  • When alliances are made, gangs must have roleplay reasons behind it. (Supplying of drugs, weapons, and such.)
  • When gang conflicts are made, there must be roleplayed reasons behind it. (Turf expansion, conflict between members)
  • Teaming against factions is not allowed, for gangs. Unless the faction, instigates the conflict between the two.
  • When you have been attacked by another gang, you can retaliate after an hour but after this attack nothing can happen between the two for 6 hours. (Members who have died, CAN NOT assist in retaliating.)

Vehicle Rules:
  • All vehicles used by a gang and it's members, must be within the gangs roleplay style.
  • Vehicles must be parked at the home turf of the family. (Unless a Gang Manager + gives permission)
  • Vehicles given must be used in a roleplay way, or families are at risk of losing this benefit.
  • Vehicle changes, can be done if the family leader has a good reason and their family is in good standing with the Gang Moderation Team.

Weapon Rules:
  • The use of small melee weapons is greatly encouraged to increase the roleplay of gangs/families.
  • Creation of ammo during roleplays, must be roleplayed completely. (Taken from a house or vehicle owned by the gang member of family.)

Drive-By Rules:
  • You are not allowed to drive-by against a group of LEO officers under ANY circumstances. However, if there is a legit roleplay to perform a drive by on ONE LEO it can be performed but the reason has to be good and if the reason is poor the the drive by system may be removed from your gang. (Ask a Gang Moderator if you are unsure if your reason is good enough.)
  • You cannot use the drive-by feature around the public areas.
  • All drive-bys must be roleplayed, otherwise the feature will be disabled for your entire family.
  • If you break any of the rules, you will be demoted and the permission will be revoked for the entire family.
  • In order to perform a drive by, the gang members must be either rank 4 to perform it.

Graffiti Rules:
  • Graffiti is only available for official gangs it allows for you to spray a tag on a wall, it should be something to do with your gang or a message to send to the rival.
  • They cannot be sprayed at public areas.
  • Any abuse of the graffiti system will then result in your gang being striked/deleted, depending on how the team see fit.

  • Gangs are only permitted to have 5 turfs.
  • We are putting this rule in place to allow people to roleplay in the turfs they have rather than claiming turfs and never using them.
  • If you opt to go against this rule and claim over 5 turfs, your gangs turfs will all be removed apart from your main.

Use of family chat:
  • Gangs are allowed to roleplay using radios, we have a private radio script in-game which can be used IC'ly, however it's better roleplay to use the in game cell-phones (more towards street gangs).
  • Family chat (/f) is to be used for OOC purposes only. When using the /f command it is recommended that you add two brackets to the end so people know you are using it for OOC purposes instead of IC. 
  • Gang Moderators will be using their own judgement to decide if a gang is inactive or not. You must have active members to keep the family.
  • If a gang goes inactive, a gang moderator will attempt to contact you. You will have one week to respond, before being given an official gang warning.

Unofficial Gangs:
  • Unofficial criminal groups (3+) must abide by the gang rules. Failing to do this will result in the group being disbanded, and potentially the leading members banned.
  • Unofficial criminal groups must have a topic within the "Gangs" section to display their history and roleplay. If it is not active, then their group may be disbanded by a Gang Moderator. This is to keep a small bit of order within the groups, and make sure everyone's having a fair experience within the server.

Cool Down Period:
  • After leaving a government faction, if you would then like to join a gang you must wait a minimum of two days. The same goes for leaving a gang and then heading to a government faction, you must still wait two days before joining. If you are removed from a faction you MUST wait one week before joining a family. Throughout these days, you are to roleplay as a civilian and not get into any criminal type activities. Only the Gang Moderation Team can give you approval to skip the waiting period.

PK War:
  • In order to make sure gangs are not constantly in shootouts with each other a PK war rule has been put in place.
  • If two gangs are in war with each other and leaders would like a way for it to come to an end, the higher ups can come to an OOC agreement that in the next shootout if all R5's and R6's are eliminated the war will come to an end.
  • Screenshots can also be posted to show the death of the leaders to allow for other members to know.
  • Once a PK war has ended this means the two cannot come into conflict with each other for two weeks.

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