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Image MV:RP Graffiti System


/graffiti - Lets you insert the graffiti text when in-front of a graffiti spot.
> Description
Notice: Only the members of an illegal faction with relative permissions are able to spray over the graffiti spots.
Ask your faction leader for the permissions.
In MV:RP we use graffiti spots!
What does that means?
We use "spots", which are normal Gta SA graffiti objects, created and placed around the illegal factions zones, showing a textlabel over them saying "Graffiti Spot", for the members to spray on, or for the rivals to cover them and replace the text.
Once you'll join an official illegal faction, your leader will decide when to give you the graffiti permissions, once you'll get them, just find a graffiti spot, equip your Spray Can and step infront of it, use /graffiti insert your text and start spraying to let everybody read your family name!

Read Carefully: The misuse of /graffiti could bring a warning or even a strike to your faction, if you're a leader think wisely about who are you going to give the permissions to, as the leader will respond for the whole members team mistakes against rules.
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